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Announcing Our 2021 Cover Contest!

by Fallbrook Directory Jul 26, 2020

We're looking ahead to 2021 and want you to help us create the cover for next year's Directory! 


Do you enjoy taking photos? 


The Directory is delivered to over 35,000 homes and businesses each year, and we want to include your work this year. All entries have a chance to be featured on the cover, and the winner will also receive a $50 Visa gift card prize! Simply submit your best work following our guidelines (outlined below) to cover@fallbrookdirectory.com and you have a chance to be featured!


We can't wait to see what you come up with, and to showcase the local beauty of Fallbrook.


And if you are feeling stuck, here are three tips to help your vision come to life:


1. Think about your vision


When many people start taking photos, they think objectively of what it is they're trying to capture: a flower, a person, a sunset. Another way to photograph your vision is to think about what are trying to convey. Darker tones can create a moody, somber tone, whereas bright, saturated tones can create a friendly sense of community. What does Fallbrook mean to you? When you think of your home, what comes to mind? This may help you during the brainstorming process as you begin to plan your entries!


2. Shoot portrait style!


Because we need a portrait photo for the cover, shoot your photos portrait style. Shooting landscape and cropping in post-production may cause you to lose some of the details that make your photo extra special. Of course, you can add in a few landscape photos for adding to your personal collection, but you won't regret turning your camera and capturing your submissions in portrait mode. 


3. Play with the lighting.


If you're trying to capture the blue skies and vibrant colors of Fallbrook, daytime is best, but golden hour will give you warm, softened hues. Neither is right or wrong; it's all about what you most want to capture. You will also get harsher shadows on a sunny day, whereas cloudy days create a soft light and eliminate most shadows.


And for reference, here are our guidelines:


·      Our cover dimensions are 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. Your photo should be larger, with the ability to crop edges.


·      The cover is portrait style! We most likely will not be able to use landscape photos, so we recommend shooting portrait style or cropping your photo prior to submitting.


·      NO people or pets. You can include wildlife; some animals are okay by our discretion.


·      The photo absolutely MUST be local: Fallbrook, Bonsall, Rainbow, De Luz. 


·      High resolution photos only; nothing downloaded off of the internet will be accepted. Use your creativity and take the photos yourself! We can't wait to see what you come up with.


·      The winning photographer must sign the photo rights over to Fallbrook Directory, and Fallbrook Directory has the right to enhance or edit the photograph.


We are so excited to see how you showcase the local beauty of Fallbrook! Email your entries to cover@fallbrookdirectory.com and don't delay!


The contest ends on September 30th!





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