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6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Every Year

by Fallbrook Directory Mar 30, 2020

Health is truly wealth, and taking time for your annual check-up will ensure you're taking the necessary steps to stay as healthy as possible. Doctor's visits can be overwhelming, no matter how routine they are, so we've put together a list of six questions to ask your doctor during your next check-up.


6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Every Year


1. How is my weight?


No one wants to talk about weight, but asking this question is important because maintaining a healthy weight will keep you protected from many preventable diseases, such as diabetes. Your doctor will be open and honest with you, but they'll also be realistic and help you. Doctors want to see you healthy, so they'll work with you to develop a plan to maintain your ideal weight.


2. What should, and what shouldn't, I be eating?


In the same breath as the first question, taking an inventory of your diet is a great thing to do during your next check-up. There's always a new diet being talked about – from paleo to veganism to gluten-free – but your doctor knows you, your health, and your lifestyle best. They will be able to integrate your dietary preferences with your healthful needs in order to ensure you're eating nutritiously. 


3. How are my medications?


Many people see specialists for specific ailments in addition to their primary care doctor. Be sure to discuss all of the medications you are taking with them during your annual visit, as they may want to make adjustments, or they may find that certain medications are not ideal when taken together. Medications are supposed to help you, so talking with your doctor will ensure they do that, rather than hurt you.


4. How is my cholesterol?


Having a healthy cholesterol is key to being your best self. Asking your doctor about your LDL, HDL, and triglycerides levels will help you maintain good health. Your doctor may suggestions to improve your cholesterol, and these may require lifestyle changes that will serve you in the long run. 


5. How is my blood pressure?


Just as cholesterol is important, so is blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your arteries and put you at risk for heart attacks or coronary heart disease, so it's important to take the necessary steps to ensure you have a healthy blood pressure. Your doctor may have important suggestions that will help you, such as limiting stress or increasing your physical activity.


6. What should I do before my next visit?


We are all unique, and so are our health regimens. You may find that a semi-annual check-up is a better plan for you than an annual visit. Be sure to wrap up your check-up by asking your doctor for a list of action steps to take, whether it's getting blood work done or increasing your vitamin intake. 


Remember, doctors are there to help you live your healthiest life. They mean well, and want to see you succeed! Taking the time to schedule and attend a check-up is a great way to prioritize your health, and you may learn key information that helps you prevent certain ailments.


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