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5 Things Every Website Needs

by Fallbrook Directory Jul 29, 2020

As websites become more and more important for businesses to have and maintain, making sure that your website is utilized to convert visitors to customers is imperative. Make no mistake, though: you don't need to spend a fortune on design or developers. A clean, simple design with these five key features will put you leaps and bounds ahead, making sure your customers not only see you on the web, but they contact you to hire you, too.


5 Things Every Website Needs


1. Contact information… in at least three places!


One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make online is that they do not include their contact information in different places. The "Contact" page is a great place to start, but throwing your phone number and/or email address onto other key places, like the about page, the home page, and the footer of your website, ensures visitors don't have to look far and wide for a way to contact you… something they'll rarely (if ever) do. Think of it like this: your customer visits your website and heads to the "About" page to learn more about you. They're hooked on your story, love your services, and are ready to book! Make it extra easy for them and have your contact information right there! No need to hope they will click on your "Contact" page afterwards. Cover all your bases by placing your contact information in multiple locations, and you're sure to generate more leads.


2. Photos.


Not everyone likes to have their photograph taken, but adding a face to the name will go a long way. Images help to break up the text on your website, capture visitors' attention, and add a sense of personality and hospitality that isn't always readily available on the website. Make sure your images are properly formatted for SEO by changing their titles to describe what the picture is of, instead of just leaving them as "IMG_2931" in order to increase your search engine optimization capabilities, and you'll be miles ahead of your competition.


3. Style.


Like we said, you don't need to spend thousands on web design or developers, but adding a bit of your branding helps you stand out and solidify your identity and online presence. Keep colors consistent to your company, switch up the fonts from what the default settings are, and utilize headings (different text sizes) to not only add style, but increase user friendliness. More and more, user experience is being prioritized when it comes to Google search rankings, so create an experience around your branding that draws customers in. Switching up the formatting to include photos, bullet point lists, and smaller paragraphs of text will "Wow!" your visitors and turn them from website scanners to customers in no time.


4. The how.


Your website is all about your business, and you know what you do, but make sure you spell it out for your customers! Explain how you will go above and beyond to provide them with the best service compared to your competitors – from the steps you take to the little personal touches that are unique to you and your business. It might feel unnatural, or a bit like bragging, at first, but this sense of confidence does not go unnoticed!


5. Your why.


What will surely help you stand out from your competitors is clearly defining and explaining your why. Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to provide your services or products for customers to purchase? Why should someone do business with you? Answering all of the "why" questions is arguably just as important as answering all of the questions that precede it: who you are, what you do, where you work, and when you work.



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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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